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  • E-Learning


    Often times when developing an e-learning course, you’ll come across old or dated material that needs to be spiced up or made to fit the current branding. Below are some examples. Before (left) and after (right).

  • Utrecht University Animation

    Utrecht University Animation

    Sometimes you just have to explain something as clear-cut as possible in a fun way, because the subject material isn’t that interesting. Case in point, the GDPR. A new rule that everyone has to follow. My contacts at the video-department of Utrecht University reached out if I could help structure this animation, including both script…

  • Live Drawing

    Live Drawing

    One of my other services is Live Drawing. During this I draw the contents of your meeting or presentation, live, so you can use it as a benchmark for discussion afterwards. Contact me for more information if you’d also use this service to enhance your meetings!

  • Book Illustrations

    Book Illustrations

    Wanting to share his story with the world, writer Gerrit Brouwer (not family) contacted me if I could provide each of his chapters with a key-illustration. We had previously worked together on an animation for Appical that garnered more than half a million views! With the book being about his entrepreneurship, which he compared to…

  • Interactive HTML5 Animations

    Interactive HTML5 Animations

    Press the Yellow-button to have the heart beat. Animation is fully built in HTML5 using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Bodymovin and Rive. This framework will serve as the foundation for future interactive animations, for example within e-learning enviroments.

  • Animation


    Below you can view a showreel of my animation work. Enjoy! The song used is Paladin’s Theme from the album Matter by Mild Peril. Buy the track, like I did, here.

  • Storyboarding


    For my work I often make storyboards, sometimes on the fly in meetings to give an idea of a product, other times within a tight deadline (30-40 minutes). My working-method entails first sitting down with the client, discussing needs and wants, and advising on what’s best left in and out of the animation. I then…

  • 2.5d face-rig

    2.5d face-rig

    For an animation regarding the states of mourning with children, the storyboard quickly evolved to one focusing on the child’s facial emotions, supported by a voice-over. With the limitations of the art-style in mind, I set out to build a 2.5d face-rig in After Effects using Expression Scripting. This would allow me to easily change…

  • Batman t-shirt design

    Sometimes dreams become reality. When DesignByHümans had a contest for DC-comics related t-shirt designs, I just had to sign up. And lo and behold, I managed to sneak in a victory! Below is the shirt in all its glory! And nothing is complete without seeing my friends wearing the shirts!

  • Navarone

    Sometimes you just meet a raw talent in life with so much potential, you can’t help but admire it. Navarone Alvarez is one such individual. Hardworking, passionate, calm, friendly – but most of all talented. So when he asked me if I could design the logo for his upcoming brand, focusing on music, shirts and…

  • Empty Nest

    Despite not setting out to do so, after handling the work for Jaltive’s albums, I was soon getting a reputation as an ‘album guy’. As such it didn’t take long for indie band Empty Nest to contact me for a cover. Their newest single would be entitled “rotten petal” and unlike my previous briefings this…

  • Morka Now

    A few years ago I gifted a friend an illustration of his favourite marine from Warhammer. After sharing the image online I quickly got a message by a user who said he wanted me to make some artwork for him. The assigment? Dungeons & Dragons! This would be a campaign-book based on the war-drama “Heart…

  • Jaltive

    Jaltive and I got together due to our shared interests in video-games, with some of its members and me frequenting the same forum. After I had shared some of my earlier works, they asked if I would join in on the fun and design a logo for their first album. I was on cloud nine!…

  • Sympathetic Vibrations

    Sympathetic Vibrations

    When I heard the Mexican band Jaltive was getting ready to hit it big with their upcoming album, I couldn’t be more excited. Even moreso when they hit me up to design the cover art once more. For its design I turned to a more zen-like state of drawing. Listening to the music and writing…

  • Loyens & Loeff

    Loyens & Loeff

    An infographic designed and made by myself. The idea behind its design is to use a form of pinboard in combination with a research theme throughout the infographic. This way I could easily direct the viewers eye from the top to the final information point at the bottom right.

  • Illustrations


    Below is a selection of my vector-illustrations made for clients in Adobe Illustrator. Enjoy! Click to enlarge!

  • ProRail


    This animation was a tad more difficult than the rest, as it contained a lot of different elements. First the train, the passengers, the driver, the stations, the platforms, the signs. To stop this animation from becoming stale and overly complex I opted for a dual screen setup. At the top we are zoomed in…

  • Damen Shipyards Group

    Damen Shipyards Group

    Damen Shipyards has shipywards all over the world where they build and repair ships. Vietnam, China, France and even in the Netherlands. One problem they kept encountering was “safety”. How do we instruct the working force on working safely, in different cultures and languages? With this in mind a set of characters was developed that, with…

  • Template Animations

    Template Animations

    QB-Hospitality was a unique project in which we tried working with template animations. The idea was to create a series of animations for different clients in cooperation with QB. But the animations all shared the same story and elements. The core difference being the visuals.Instead of just making the same animation a thousand times we…

  • Woord en Daad

    Woord en Daad

    Woord&Daad does a lot of good for poor people abroad, but they are mostly known for having a system in place that lets people help other kids go to school. The downside is that they do so much more, and nobody knows! The goal of this animation, and later poster series and images, was to show…

  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

    KLM had one mission, become the safest airline in the world. To do this a campaign was started which existed out of posters and animations. Each branch got its own character as seen above. These characters would then explain and go through adventures in a series of product to show people how to work as…

  • Philips Lighting

    Philips Lighting

    Philips Lighting came to us for a series of animations on their lighting services. The budget was tight and the emphasis was on the light source itself. I sat down with their designers and our character designer and we built a style around light. A very simplistic icon based animation-style which used shadows and light…

  • KPMG


    “Working at KPMG is like working in a jungle”.This sentence was made as a joke but eventually turned into the visual style for the animation. The hardest part of subjects like visions and risk management is that they are hard to grasp and usually need a good example or metaphor. The jungle was a good starting…

  • Explaining a housing-corporation

    Explaining a housing-corporation

    Stek Wonen is an organisation that provides rental housing to people with a lower income. Skin colour was the first problem with such a diverse target audience, which was quickly solved by changing the character colours to a more abstract palet. The entire animation series is build around characters with names, jobs and families. Each…

  • How to make an animation about a Webshop interesting

    How to make an animation about a Webshop interesting

    VMSII had the pitfall of becoming a generic animation about the back-end of a webshop. A few characters, a browser screen and a voice-over explaining how it all works. Not this time! I’d had enough of those types of animations! The core idea here was to constantly have the client and back-end visible and have…

  • How to warn students about privacy issues, the fun way

    How to warn students about privacy issues, the fun way

    It there’s one problem that only a few people are aware of at schools, it is privacy. People write their email addresses on sign in forms hanging in the hallway for instance, leaving them vulnerable for people with darker intents. To combat this a small campaign was started within the Hogeschool Rotterdam. People who were…

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