Sympathetic Vibrations

When I heard the Mexican band Jaltive was getting ready to hit it big with their upcoming album, I couldn’t be more excited. Even moreso when they hit me up to design the cover art once more.

For its design I turned to a more zen-like state of drawing. Listening to the music and writing down terms that came to me. Eventually what hit, and stuck, was a jellyfish moving through the sea at the rythm of the songs.

To give the jellyfish a more musical feeling I drew it while listening to the music, making sure to add musical elements to it. Spashes and lines made to the tone of the music, which in turn led to surreal imagery like the hand grabbing an apple as well as the floating planets – an almost cthulhu-esque being was being made. Here’s the full illustration below:

All in all I’m very pleased with the end-result. It really nails that visual quality that can only come from good music. Vibrant colors, surreal imagery, imagination and inspiration.

If you want you can listen to the album in all its glory here, have fun!

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