Drawing lessons

A fun bonus to knowing about art is being able to share that knowledge with others, and show them just how fun drawing can be, or how they can use it in their life to make things easier!

Since I’ve studied Illustration at the High Arts Academy, I’m still traditionally schooled and can share knowledge of art-history, anatomy, live-drawing but also the basics of drawing, how to tell a story with your drawings and how to apply them in your work or study.

Here in I offer 3 types of courses:

  • Drawing Lessons: how to draw animals and humans from basic shapes, how to construct a scene and basic anatomy (depending on level of expertise); paired with a lesson in art-history if requested.
  • Comicbook drawing: short history lesson on comicbook design, followed by an excersize that shows you how professional comicbook artists build their story and experiment with the flow of their drawings.
  • Storytelling: how to use images to enhance your presentation, be it for school or business, this course teaches you to think and present visually.

All courses are flexible, I am more than willing to sit down with you to design the course that you and your team (or students) need!

Below are some pictures of me at a small comicbook course, a birthday party and at a comic-con event giving drawing lessons.