Thanks for your interest in Anu Veniya! Below you’ll find some information, images and a video about my self-published comicbook.

After God’s sudden demise, his Daughter wanders the worlds he has left behind. Looking for a purpose, she stumbles upon a lost princess who ran away from home. Perhaps together they can find what they are looking for.

Anu Veniya is a dark-fantasy tale, with artwork inspired by the likes of Ralph Steadman, Frank Frazetta and Frank Miller, with a European twist.

It tells the tale of God’s daughter dealing with the emotional baggage of her deceased father and the gap he left behind in the world. His giant dead body covers the galaxy, and humanity (as well as other, alien races) have made their home on his body, making for a bizarre setting. Each volume will aim to tell a story that sees her grow as a person and a God in the making.

Anu Veniya is currently online available at:
Personal Webshop

Anu Veniya is physically available at:
Blunder Utrecht
The Splendid Utrecht
Yendor Rotterdam